The driving instructors Christchurch trusts to make great drivers!

When you take driving lessons at Fergusson Driving School, you can expect a positive growing experience. Before you know it, you will have your freedom to drive the streets of Christchurch alone. Our driving instructors will guide you through every lesson at your own pace, so you become a confident and safe driver. Call us today to book in your first lesson!


Man and girl in a car driving

Our driving instructors are passionate about their work and know they have a responsibility to prepare excellent drivers. They are there to help guide you through your driving lessons at a pace that suits you. They'll help you build your confidence and skill behind the wheel and make your lessons fun!


Woman behind wheel of a car

Not only are our driving instructors expertly trained and experienced in keeping you and the roads of Christchurch safe; but our cars are equipped with dual controls for maximum safety. Fergusson Driving School's cars are regularly serviced and tested against the highest safety standards.


Passing your test!

Girl in a car with one of our driving instructors in Christchurch

The moment it's all about! Taking your driving test can be nerve wracking; we've all heard stories about people who fail time and time again. When you enroll with Fergusson Driving School we prepare you for your new life as a driver. When it comes time to take your test you'll pass because you'll be ready!